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Movierulz 2021 is one of the torrent websites which allows people to watch and download pirated movies and TV shows for free. There are hundreds of movies and TV shows available on Movierulz and most of these movies are pirated versions of the latest movies.

Movierulz Telugu movies are very popular in India and there are lakhs of active users from India. India is a country with a huge population and not everyone can afford to go to cinema theatres to watch movies. These backward casts and poverty-ridden families chose to access these websites.

The public is open to download HD movies from the official app. The application is not available under the AppStore so users should download from this torrent website.


Movierulz 2021

You can search for movies from all kinds of genres by searching for keywords, for example, 2021  movierulz Hindi HD Movies, 2021 TamilMalayalam on Google search bar.

There are also other movies, for example, Tollywood, Gujarati, Marathi, Desi Tamil Hindi dubbed, and Kannada dubbed movies.

This Indian piracy streaming site has content from all around the world and has many international web series as well. Bookmark this website so that you can see and access it without having to search it every time.

Some of these websites have popups and news flashes built-in and if you click on the news or advertisement your system will be exposed to dangerous malware. The news and popups are fake so avoid clicking on the news flashes or any other popup.

Movierulz 2021 new website

This 2021 new website is available for both mobile & desktop users. Watching these movies on mobile saves them from the bad clarity as phones have less than 6inch display so the pixels are all packed together. The site is free on all platforms.

Actors and producers who are closely involved in the making of the movie are working with these organizations that make piracies and these actors and producers are leaking the HD version of the movie on the Movierulz 2021 online website before its release.

This affects the collections of the movie because the audience has the luxury to get the HD version of the movie for free and at home. This leaked version is available on websites like Movierulz.

How to access Movierulz 2021

You might find it hard to stream online movies for download movies from the above-mentioned website. The best way to unblock any torrent website is to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network helps you download or watch movies by changing your location. It is very easy to get a VPN because they are free so you can get it from the chrome store and use it without paying any money for a VIP subscription.

Movierulz 2021 Recent Domains

Here are some Recent Proxy/Mirror websites-

  • movierulz.pz
  • movierulz.ds
  • movierulz .st
  • movierulz .xyz
  • movierulz .ms
  • movierulz .vip
  • movierulz .hs

Popular Searches

Popular searches help you to get upon the official website as there are many mirror sites available.

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Download Movies From Movierulz

  • Go to the official website.
  • Now search for the video.
  • Select the video.
  • Select the video format and quality.
  • Click on the download button
  • Wait till the video get downloaded.

What is the movie Piracy?

Because websites like Movierulz 2021 share piracies these websites are banned and the server is shut down by the government. The people who manage these websites are also smart and these developers purchase several domain names and release the website under a proxy server.

These websites cannot be found in search on the internet. The only way to access these websites is through sharing links. These links are forwarded by admins who have a major role in sharing piracies.

This way the links are secure and do not fall in the hands of the government even if the website is shut down there are hundreds of other active websites running the same services.

Government’s measures

Every filmmaker has copyright over the distribution of their movie an unless the copyrights are transferred nobody can share or distribute the movie publically. Such sites violate rights and encourage the illegal download of movies.

The government has updated these policies and if anybody is found distributing or streaming these movies they can face 2-5 years or jailtime or pay a fine of 5 lakh rupees.


The only way to stop people from accessing these piracies is by tracking down the search requests and blocking search requests like Telugu movies online or anything related to Hollywood 2021. It must be noted films are illegally obtained and streaming them may not be safe. If you want to enjoy watching films you can subscribe to any legal platform like Netflix, Prime, or HULU.

Disclaimer: All the information provided by this website is just for the sake of sharing information and the website has no ties with the websites mentioned whatsoever. There is no intention to support or degrade the image of the mentioned websites.